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Independent, consumer-friendly, information on UK personal finance.

Welcome to your independent information guide to all aspects of UK personal finance.

This website is produced by non-finance professionals for normal people who want to get the best UK personal finance products at the best price.


How we Help You

We offer you simple information on various types of UK personal finance. We operate on the basis that you can't totally trust the banks and insurance companies who provide the "products" like pensions, mortgages, loans and so on. Unfortunately there have been too many scandals in recent years.

We simply suggest you do a bit of research into the type of product you are interested in getting. To help you with this we have made the explanations as clear and straightforward as possible and broken everything up into easy to navigate sections.

Simply scan the list of topics to your left and click on the relevant one. Good luck ! Read more about us


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Here's what we cover

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How this UK Personal Finance website can help you

The internet is a great way to research your personal finance needs.

But, with hundreds of UK finance websites to choose from, there's a major problem of information overload.

Even using a good Search Engine, you could spend hours finding the worthwhile ones.

Well here's the good news.

Now you can save time, money and effort by going straight to the best information-heavy, sales-light financial websites from here.

If we haven't covered your subject ourselves, we've researched the web thoroughly and will link you to the best websites.

So what's the catch? Well there isn't one really. You'll understand why if you read about us and why we did this website.

Personal testimonials

What the Press Say

Click on your preferred subject (See Top or A to Z list) to access the best UK personal finance information going.

Before you disappear, can we suggest you BOOKMARK US in your favourites list. If you're like many of our readers, you'll want to keep coming back.

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In return for all this free time and money-saving service, how about giving a quick donation to a charity

About us

What the Press say

Our Small Print

About Us

Moneysorter is an independent information guide to all aspects of UK personal finance It was written and developed by non-finance professionals and is aimed at normal people who are trying to make sense of all the jargon.

15% of any profit it makes will go to our nominated charity, The Relief Fund for Romania.

Moneysorter resulted from a conversation between a group of friends when we all confessed complete confusion about buying financial "products".

Once our guilty secret was out we quickly agreed that it wasn't us - it was "them". After all we may not be rocket scientists but we're reasonably intelligent people.

So why is UK personal finance so difficult to understand?

The more we looked into it the more we saw the need for simple, jargon-free information for normal people. This website is the result.

We were inspired to do it by our sense of outrage as we read about the mis-sold pensions and other scandals.

The lives of honest hardworking people have been ruined by trusting an industry - which spends millions persuading people to trust it.

We've researched the information, and turned it into a website by simply recording our own experience any time we've needed a financial product ourselves - be it a will, life insurance or a mortgage. This is how the website has grown.

What's resulted is basically a labour of love.

Unlike many similar websites we aren't driven by a need to make money.

We have other jobs and do this in our spare time.

15% of any profit we make will go to our nominated charity, The Relief Fund for Romania

MoneySorter Websites

There are various websites all of which get great feedback from you, the users. See Personal testimonials and Press comments.

The websites are:

Loan Sorter

Pension Sorter

Mortgage Sorter

Insurance Sorter

CreditCard Sorter

Investment Sorter

If you have any comments or ideas on subjects you'd like us to cover feel free to tell us.

Who recommends us

Personal testimonials
Press comments

Here are just some of the comments given by our users *

"An absolutely brilliant site"

"I think the site is excellent".

"Refreshingly informative. I know only too well the pitfalls of bad advice. This site MUST get more publicity".

"Fantastic Website - Many thanks - will be using throughout getting a mortgage and will be donating to your designated charity. thanks again".

"As an IFA I am very impressed by your site you are to be commended on your efforts".

and many more...

* Please note, these are genuine comments from real people as verified by a Chartered Accountant

"I have agreed the above quotations to the original feedback E-mails submitted to the Moneysorter Web Site".

E J Whittington, B Sc FCA
EJ Whittington & Co.
Chartered Accountants

The average score awarded by our users when asked to give it points out of 10 is 9 plus.

What the press say

(Who are we?)

"A beginner-friendly and genuinely independent personal finance site. This was put together by a group of ordinary punters who set out to demystify in words that even a prize muppet can understand. Highly recommended."

Steve Wright in the Afternoon
Website of the Day
BBC Radio 2

The leading British retailer WH Smith's "Computer Active Webguide" cited us as the only independent website worth looking at:

"This excellent site... uniformly good... gives you a complete picture... whatever your question you'll find the answer...a site that's on the side of the angels..."

Another leading internet magazine, Internet Advisor, recommends us as one of only eight out of hundreds of UK finance websites worth looking at. (The others are all major players like Egg, Eagle Star and the FT. We're the only independent one).

Meanwhile in the mainstream press:

"Cyberspace is heaving with pensions-related sites. Most corporate sites will give details of their individual products. But for jargon-free information on every type of pension you could desire try"

The Times


"Confused and bored by pensions, but aware you should have set one up? Pensionsorter provides a wealth of easy-to-understand information and advice about state, occupational and personal schemes. Refreshingly, Pensionsorter makes no heavyhanded attempts to sell you a scheme, although if you want one you can contact an IFA [via them]."

The Observer


If the word pension has always brought on the frights, try, which proves that low-tech delivery of information is sometimes all that a site needs to be effective. Every aspect of pension-purchasing is gone through in detail, and all the terminology is explained in easy-to-understand language.

The Guardian

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