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Student Loans Guide

Student loans

Bank Overdrafts for Students

Graduate loans

Student loans

You want the Student Loans Company where you can borrow over £3,800 (£4,600 in London) a year

Some of this is means tested ie depends on how rich Mummy and Daddy are etc.

Student loans are the cheapest loans around. They are pegged to the inflation rate (about 2.5% pa currently) and are "capped" to 1% above the base rate.

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Bank Overdrafts for Students

The nice friendly high street banks lure unsuspecting students into their web by offering interest free overdrafts.

Be careful. These are not quite the same as student loans - though the glossy brochures probably won't make a big fuss over the difference.

Besides introducing you to the bad habit of borrowing money the problem is that before you know it you've graduated (yes, it's been known to happen) and the bank has started charging you a grown up, higher rate of interest on the same overdraft.

If this happens, hopefully it will be a useful module in trust and the modern banking business. Enjoy.

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Graduate loans

Don't confuse these with student loans. The banks will target graduates heavily with slick ads that come over all friendly (need a new suit for your first job? We can help.)

But be warned that they're basically aimed at tricking you into joining their satanic cult. It may be fun at first but you'll probably find it difficult to get away from when it gets boring.

The interest rate for graduate loans is usually lower than normal. But the sting is in it's subtle rise, creeping up until you're paying through the nose. That suit will cost you a lot more than you thought. See Go without!

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