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UK Stocks and Shares and Investment tips

Top of the Tips: Share Recommendations 9/3/2007

Ones To Buy

RC Group

Midas in the Daily Mail suggests that there is still plenty of upside in the AIM-listed biometric technology company which specialises in fingerprint and facial recognition technology. RCG are also one of the major players in the emerging RFID market – almost certain to become very large in the next few years. The company's turnover and profits have quadrupled over the last year, and it looks to offer an exciting opportunity.


The Telegraph's Questor Column tips HBOS this week. Better known through its Halifax and Bank of Scotland banks, HBOS have enjoyed growing market share across the board this year. Although some analysts are concerned over the sustainability of its growth, a small drop in HBOS' share price this week provides an ideal buying opportunity.


Industrial engineer Rotork produces fairly specialised equipment, most of which is used in the oil and gas industries. The company have enjoyed a very good run in recent years on the back of strong oil prices, and although it trades at a premium, The Independent believes it is a deserved one, as does The Times.


The Independent's investment column also recommends Humberts this week. An AIM-listed estate agent, most of their sales are of properties above £500,000, and this has insulated them from the effect of interest rate rises, according to Max Ziff, Humber CEO. With large plans for growth, prospects look good.


The Times is advising its readers to buy GKN shares, whose recently-revealed full-year figures are remarkably more upbeat than December's preclose update was. Strong growth is predicted in the aerospace and Asian car markets, offsetting the remaining risk from the American auto market. At 12.2 times this year's forecast earnings, GKN is still at a slight discount. Buy.

Ones To Let Go


Back in November, Midas tipped uranium miners UraMin to buy. Since then, their share price has risen by an astonishing 130 per cent, and following the merger of two rival uranium mining companies, UraMin now looks affordable as a bid target. Nevertheless, Midas suggests that all but the most risk-hungry investors should sell and take profits.

Sports Direct

Sportswear retailer Sports Direct has an impressive record, having grown from a single store to a 461-shop chain over the last two decades. However, its recent flotation took the company's share price to a premium 14 times earnings, and it is too early yet to know how Sports Direct will perform on the stock market. Wait and see, suggests Questor in The Telegraph.

Standard Chartered

While the emerging markets bank has just reported strong results and earnings per share of 11 per cent, its commitment to heavy investment in the first half of 2007, the work required to integrate recent acquisitions and the slightly uncertain state of the Chinese markets means that short term prospects are a little unclear. Avoid for now, says The Times.

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